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1. General terms.

- According to the order made in the web page Seller commits to sell and deliver goods to the Buyer;

- Basic information about the product, the product composition, care instruction, packaging etc. is described for each product individually. Seller informs that information about the product can be changed without warning;

- Products listed in web shop are made individually (made to order). Order processing time is 5 working days;

- Some products are "ready to ship". To know which products are ready, please contact Seller using Contact form or writing to [email protected];

- In case there is a problem with delivery Seller contacts Buyer within 1 working day;

- Color of the products may slightly differ from photos due to different monitor settings;

- The prices for each product is shown individually. Seller informs that prices are variable, prices can be changed without warning.

2. Ordering.

- To place an order Buyer chooses product, product size and other variations and add them to the cart. To confirm order Buyer chooses option - Checkout;

- Correctness of the delivery data is Buyers responsibility;

- To make changes in the order Buyer must immediately contact the Seller using Contact Form or email [email protected];

- By ordering products Buyer confirms that he has read and understood product description, care instruction and all the other information that is written next to each product;

- If Buyer have any questions about ordering or order details please contact us using Contact Form or email [email protected].

3. Payment.

- When placing an order Buyer will receive invoice in email address shown in order form;

- Invoice is made electrically and valid without signature;

- Buyer pays order with bank wire transfer;

- Money transfer commission (if applied by Buyer bank) pays Buyer;

- Seller starts to prepare the order only after receiving funds in a Seller bank account.

4. Delivery

- Buyer can choose delivery options;

- In cases product isn't in the Sellers warehouse, Seller sends order within 5 working days from the time the payment of the order is received in Sellers bank account;

- In case Buyer needs faster deliver / shipping, Buyer informs Seller to discuss faster shipping methods;

- Cost of the shipping depends on the Buyers selected shipping method:

                                                             - Delivery in the territory of the Latvia with Omniva  - 3 EUR;

                                                             - Delivery in the territory of the Baltic states with Omniva - 7 EUR;

                                                             - Delivery in the territory of the Latvia with national (Express) post - 5.00 EUR;    

                                                             - Delivery to the European Union countries with national post - 10.00 EUR;

                                                            - Delivery outside European Union countries with national post - 15.00 EUR;

                                                            - Local pickup in Latvia, Ventspils, Rīgas street 15-5 -  For Free.

- Buyer must inform Seller in cases Buyer wants other shipping method;

- Local pickups must be agreed individually;

- In case of delayed delivery, Seller informs Buyer immediately;

- Seller is not responsible for delayed delivery which is caused by delay of Buyers selected delivery method service provider.

5. Cancellations and refunds.

- Buyer have right to return or change the order within 14 working days from the time Buyer receives the order if: 

                                              - Products aren't used;

                                              - Products are packed in original packaging with original price tags;

                                              - Product is clean, not crumpled or with other defects.

- To return order Buyer must fill the Return form (Atteikuma_tiesibu_veidlapa.pdf) and send it electronically to Buyers email address [email protected];

- Buyer pays return delivery cost;

- Seller refunds Buyer within 14 days from the time the returned items are received;

- In case Buyer made changes in the products (individual sizes, patterns etc.), Seller doesn't refund or cancel orders (Legislation - MK 255 22.punkts);

- If there are defects on the product that are Sellers fault (manufacturing defect, print defect etc.), Seller pays all the costs that are associated with return or change. 

6. Privacy

- We take responsibility that Buyers private information (Name, Surname, Address, etc.) will not be given to third parties except in cases if the information will be demanded by law enforcement agencies;

- For processing order, accounting and delivery reasons Seller can ask you the personal data: Name, Surname, Address, Telephone number, e-mail address;

- Buyer provided personal data is stored in Sellers web page developer platform, Seller personal computer and in email address, All data is protected and accessible only with safe password;

- Personal data is kept for 5 years;

- Buyer have right to access their data, demand deleting personal data, correct personal data, demand to stop data processing, rights to object data processing, rights to cancel allowance of the processing data;

- We respect your privacy and we will never use your data in the way it could limit your rights.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact LAIMLINI.

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