LAIMLINI believes that things made with love can bring happiness, which is why our motto is: Happy design created in Latvia.

Our products have quality, original appearance, pleasant material, functionality, most importantly long lasting use.

Laimlin sews airy, feminine tulle skirts in different colors, decorated with velvet, lace and frill. We create different designs, drawings for cotton t-shirts that let our emotions flow and inspire us. The home textiles of natural linen, with linen laces or plaits, also comes with original packaging, which can be personalized with graphic drawings, wishes, conclusions, photos. Linen clothing is one that we are happy to offer in the summer season, of course we are also proud of LAIMLINI exclusive linen clothing set: Solstice skirt decorated with a braided belt and a reflective 9 flower crowns and Latvian signs.

LAIMLINI can be a stylish outfit, a warm gift, or a souvenir for home use or interiors. LAIMLINI is a family business where skills, design, recognized material and love for action come together daily!

Where you can find us?

Workshop in Latvia - Ventspils, Rīgas street 15-5, as well as special design markets.